I've only had opus a few weeks but have been spending a lot of time figuring things out. I'm using the mouse all day long drawing, so whenever I can, I use/create shortcuts/Hotkeys. (I’ve made almost 30 already in opus & no buttons yet)
I include some answers to my own questions that I figured out along the way!

  1. Can I print out a list of the keyboard shortcuts?
    (Please say yes!)

2a) Can I open selected folder in a new tab in current lister ~ I know if I right click folder this is in context menu.
Tried Alt cliking that option without success, but,
in File Types >Folder options >Context menu, I found the command:

Go NEWTAB fromsel - that works!

Is it now possible to open this tab in the background (behind current tab/lister)?

I figured out the following but include them anyway:
2b) Is it possible to open current LISTER/TAB in a new tab in opposite window (opposite side of dual display)?

Found the answer to this in FAQs here: ... highlight=
(HOW TO: Quickly open a dual display showing the current dir.)
Command is
And also works if you already have a Dual display

2c) Is it possible via shortcut (or otherwise) to open selected FOLDER in a new tab in opposite window?
From the two above I tried
Go NEWTAB OPENINDUAL fromsel - works again!

thanks for any help & thanks to d’opus people for such wonderful software!

I don't think there's an explicit command to do this, although it's not a bad idea.

You can resize the Customize dialog so if the list of shortcuts isn't too long to fit on your screen you could simply print out a screenshot of the dialog.

You've already found Go NEWTAB FROMSEL. To make it open in the background you can use Go NEWTAB=nofocus FROMSEL

Hey Nudel

thanks for your reply
Funny enough just while writing that post in Word I accidentally pasted a screen shot into the document -
but have no idea how I did it !
Can u explain how its done?

thanks again :exclamation:

Click on the window you want to print, so that it's the active window, then press Alt-PrintScrn to put it in the clipboard. Now go to an Opus lister and press Ctrl-V to paste the clipboard image into a new file which you can print normally. (Or Ctrl-V into a paint program and print from there.)

Ta Leo
it took me a while to figure that one out cause Im using a German keyboard and Im no expert in it but I got there eventually :bulb: