Hover view of embedded mp3 images - can we enlarge

In Dopus, hovering over a mp3 will often reveal details (tags) embedded in the mp3. Sometimes, when hovering, we can see an image of the cover. I was wondering if there was a way to enlarge that hover thumbnail preview so it was a little more readable. I don't think there are any hotkeys for instant enlargement (aka instant gratification) but there might be some obscure setting that does the samething - or maybe not.

Next step would be to extract the image but I am hoping that is not necessary.

Just asking. It's a powerful feature, this hover and view thing.

The default size is the one set under Preferences / File Display Modes / Thumbnails.

If you don't want to change that size, you can override it just for tooltips using Settings > Filetypes. (Please link your account if you need detailed help there.)

(If you want larger than 256x256, that's possible but requires some extra steps.)

256x256 is just fantastic - I can read the names now. Thank-you again Leo.

Someday, somebody is going to do a full featured Lynda/PluralSight/Udemy/TutsPlus course on Dopus. I can't wait.