How about more than 2 file displays

In my work, I routinely have 4 or more copies of Windows Explorer going. I need more than two file displays. I am evaluating now. Please tell me that this feature is coming so I can stop searching.

You can open as many Opus windows as you need, the same as with Explorer. (Only difference is you can have two file displays in some/all of your windows if you want to.)

Thats exactly twice as good as windows explorer but I want 4 or more file displays in a single lister. With WE, I am always having to click various icons on the tool bar to find the directory I want. With Opus, I would have to click half as many. Granted that's an improvement but not by a lot.

Whoops. Just found tabs. That might do the trick.

You seem to have asked about "4 file displays" less out of the desire to have 4 displays just for the sake of having more than TWO, so much as to provide ready access to a bunch of different folders. You found tabs - which is great.

Know that if you've got groups of "related" folders which you regularly work with together as a set - you can create a "Tab Group" which you can load with one click (with as many different folder tabs in the group as practical - i.e. way more than "four"). You can load a tab group so that it replaces any other folder tabs you've currently got opened in the lister... or "adds" to whatever else is opened. Back to the topic of Opus only providing TWO file displays within a lister (window), know also that with the "Tab Group" feature you can also load one set of folder tabs in the left/top file display of a dual-display lister... and another set of of folder tabs (tab group) in the right/bottom file display.

You can also save an entire lister (or MULTIPLE lister windows) with such a set of folder tabs opened as a custom "layout" which will let you load your tabs in a separate lister (window) if you want to keep whatever you're doing in your "current" lister (window) separate.

Labels are good but not perfect.
With WE, I often juggle between many windows and I easily lose track. So far my best solution is to use dual 30" displays. I seem to spend a lot to time 'building the nest'. I fire up a half dozen WEs, set each to the directory I need, adjust their size and position. As I use it I still have to be careful to make sure I am looking at the right one.

It would be so much easier if I could tile a half dozen listers in a single window with a custom layout that I can get used to and remember.

Well, using the numbers you used as an example... one thing you can do with Opus to make this easier is save 3 separate listers; each with dual displays - sized, tiled, and positioned how you see fit and then save all three of those listers as a layout.

If you have a certain "position" on you monitor setup you'd like to load NEW listers in - without having to move them around manually - you can also create other layouts to open new windows in those positions as well (Lister Position 1, Lister Positio n2, etc)... as well as commands you can create buttons with to "move" existing lister windows to a specific position on your monitor.

So you have alot of window position management capability in Opus that can put things where you want them with single clicks of the mouse - if you so desire. I think the main reason we have just two file displays in an Opus lister is that this is the primary way most people will do most file management... copying/moving/comparing of files in a source and destination folder pair. I think increasing it much more just transfers the same problems you're talking about now in terms of managing multiple windows - INSIDE the lister. Even with a pretty large monitor and high resolution - how many files will you even be able to view if your file display area gets chopped into 4 quadrants, or even more?

I used to want 4 displays in a lister... but nowadays, I'd rather see improved window/lister management features than more file displays (but of course, thats just me). For instance... I LOVE folder tabs... but I still use multiple listers at the same time, each with multiple folder tabs, and some dual display, some not. With my current working scenarios - instead of more file displays in a lister, I might rather have new ways of managing multiple listers as a "set" in terms of moving multiple listers to the same relative position on another monitor... or perhaps even be able to NAME the lister footprint in the taskbar to make it easier to identify one lister out of many that I might be using for a particular purpose.

You can always make a feature request for more file displays... but in the meantime, describe an exact scenario you find difficult to manage now with the limitation of having only a dual display lister - and maybe we can guide you to a specific setup that at least helps and makes it better and easier to manage than whatever you do now.