How can all properties of an object be shown in the log panel?

I'm learning to write scripts. In Chrome dev tool, I can print the properties of object. How can I do that with Dopus ?


There’s no automated way to display everything in JScript or VBScript. I don’t think it would be possible due to the way the two languages work.

You can print out things you’re interested in using DOpus.Output, but you’ll need to name them explicitly.

The manual lists the properties different objects have (for objects which come from Opus).

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Thanks Leo.

In chrome, when I need to know about an object, I just send it to the console.

For example :

var element = document.documentElement;

I hoped the same thing for Dopus. It's okay to see them on the manual btw, although it's not convenient.

It's not possible with JScript/VBScript. The objects may come from another process or language and have no general way to query all their properties.

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