How can i add a folder to the favorite?

Hi all,
i'd like to be able to add a selected folder to the favorites without having to go inside (kind of hard to explain) :wink:

i tried :
Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH="{filepath}"
Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH={filepath}
Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH {filepath}

but nothing works

it adds a non existent folder named filepath !

what is wrong ?

thanks for your help

i found a solution, note that i don't really understand why it works now !
but it works

dopusrt /cmd Favorites ADD PATH="{filepath}"

Maybe this will help some of you...


{filepath} is an external command control code, it only works with external programs (such as dopusrt).

Favorites ADD=nameonly

does it nicely for me. If you do not want the full path, drop the =nameonly

thanks for your answers

to JohnZeman

Favorites ADD=nameonly

adds the CURRENT folder into your favorites


dopusrt /cmd Favorites ADD PATH="{filepath}"

adds the SELECTED folder(s) into your favorites which i find somehow easier to use (and you can also add 10 folders at the same time)

Thanks Caine for the clarification, i thought it was comparable to that kind of command :
CreateFolder NAME="{date|yyyy-MM-dd} {time|HH-mm-ss}"