How can i change the context menu of the column header?

I did it once, but can't remember where to set it. I want to have the status icons in that right click context menu, instead of having to retrieve it from the deeper menu. And yes, i tried the F1 help, but no information there regarding this topic.

I searched for column header and clicked on the Context Menus topic near the top of the results:

Yes i saw that. It's not helpful to me, because all i got is 27 entries, where "column header" ist mentioned somehow. That's exactly the problem with the help. I also had a look in the context menu section, that's what i tried first. But i can't see the items i have already included there, so i still don't know, how to navigate to that spot, where i can edit the menu.


Ok, i finally found it. Not where i expected it, though. it's just so much stuff to remember, and i think i didn't use this for maybe five years.

Settings > Customize Toolbars > Context Menus. That's what that help page is about.

The problem with the help is that there's too much of it?

Jon, yes. It tends to be time consuming to go through all the findings, with all those higlightings.
Regarding the context menues, i often find myself searching in all the different places. Was it the context menu in "customize"? Or in "file type groups"? Or in "files and folders", or "folders" only? Sometimes i have to look in the system's file types, like JPEG. I'm sure all those different locations make sense, but i often find myself searching for the right spot in the settings. But yes, i think the help is convenient in about 85% of the cases. Meaning, that i don't always find the right answer to the specific questions. In this case i simply overlooked the right category. I was searching in the lister context menu.