How can I create flyout button menus?

I admit I am somewhat lazy when it comes to clicking menus.

Is it possible to change the behavior of my dopus button Menus so their submenu will automatically flyout when hovering over the the menu button (instead of having to click the arrow glyph)?

I did not see a way to do this in the Directory Opus Drop-down Buttons and Menus documentation.

Normal sub-menus will do that. Button-menus won't. You can always put a menu next to a button though.

Thank you. With menus & their child sub-menus, I can hover the mouse to show flyout child popups, but I cannot click a menu item (that has a child sub-menu) to launch a program.

With menu buttons, any menu button can be clicked to either launch a program OR show a sub-menu of more menu buttons. I have this working perfectly in Dopus. I simply want to the sub-menu(s) to flyout when I hover over the down arrow glyph.

Perhaps an option can be added to the Dopus feature wish list?