How can I edit a single property for multiple files?

Specifically, I download a big MP3 file (continus mix) and then I split that file into multiple tracks (my own editing). In DOpus, I have added the Track Number property as a column in my list viewer.

When I do multiple file renames, I like it that I can easily just rename, press the down arrow, rename the next file, etc. I'd like to do the same with the track number.

Is it possible to enable editing of that file in-line like the filename and then be able to move up and down so that I can set the Track Number for each file?


quote Is it possible to enable editing of that file in-line like the filename (...)
I found this (old) post: Need to turn on/off edit for any column
As far as I know, it is still not possible to in-line rename / edit the contents of the data in each column ...

But you could send a feature request to GPSoftware.

Thanks for the reference thread; it was very insightful.

I don't know anything about that mp3 plug-in, but I'm gonna look into it.


I just looked into it and it is now included in DOpus, so I tried it out by enabling the Viewer pane for MP3 files and that functionality is good enough for me! It's the same thing I was doing in iTunes, except that this would be faster.

Thanks again.


When you edit the track numbers in the Viewer using the MP3 plugin, you can't use the down-arrow to easily select the next file you want to edit
(file display doesn't have the focus). When you don't want to use the mouse to select the next file (or the Viewer Pane control bar), you could try this:

Make a global hotkey with this code:


(of course you have to choose a hotkey which you don't want to type in any other program)

Now you can edit the track numbers and just press your hotkey to select and edit the next file.

Thanks for that tip...but the only "problem" with the Viewer Pane is that I have to click the Save button each time before I navigate to the next file, otherwise it won't save my edits.