How can I have pathbar in plain c:\temp visual display?

when installing do 913 on a machine with no previous version ever, turning on pathbar comes up with an unreadable and complex string

how can I make c:\temp just show up as c:\temp in pathbar ?

Screenshot please.

Looks readable to me.

and definately not complex.

this is by design, you can click on the different parts (the directory names and arrows) to do different things. it works like the 'breadcrumb' functionality you see so often these days. i don't know if you can turn this functionality off.

if you give the address bar the focus the 'regularly' formatted path will show up.

You can turn it off by entering customize mode, right-clicking the path field (which will have turned into a placeholder rectangle) and changing its type.

You can also remove the "My Computer" part or replace it with an icon. See here for details:

nudel wrote:

You can turn it off by entering customize mode, right-clicking the path field

can't seem to get this to work.

  1. I open do913
  2. navigate to c:\temp (which shows up the display style pathbar I wish to change
  3. I click on the word "location" in pathbar and select "customize"
  4. A full customize menu dialog shows up, overlaying the do display and it looks nothing like your example

what did I select wrong?

tried it again, no matter what I try, this dialog shows up when I access Customize from the pathbar right click

Pathbar is selected in the dialog that shows up

in any directory...

  1. clic customize button (window appear but don't care)
  2. right clic on "location"
  3. in contexte menu choose "field path" and "path (basic)"
  4. that's all

but first you can read manual, it's very interresting...

I'm not sure whether you're joking or whether you've never used a computer before, but if you have the problem that there's a window in front of the location field you can.... move the window.