How Can I Open New Lister to Last Folder?

How can I open a new lister to the Last Folder Opened? I tried using the Preference setting in the aforementioned link but that does not work for me.

More specifically, I would like my toolbar button to also remember the current folder when I open a new lister with the Go New command:

Dopus-Go NEW

Note: Trying to Set the new Lister to be the current source did not work for me:

The setting should be all you need, assuming you are closing the old window before opening the new one. (It saves the last window you closed, and will re-open a similar window the next time you open one.)

If you want something else, how are you defining "last folder"? That could mean a lot of different things, like the last path in a folder tab you activated, not just the last folder opened or closed in a new window.

The Last Folder is one of the following possibilities:

  1. The folder shown in the lister tree that has the file/folder name, size, type, modified, attr columns, etc.

I have tried completely closing and restarting Dopus, but it aways opens the same folder.
If I click the toolbar button with the Go New, i simply want to duplicate the lister I am looking at, including the current showing folder(s).

It appears the lister is remembering my Tab setting but only the directory portion and not the folder path portion of the tab. I think I need to Unlock the folder tab so the lister returns to the last opened folder.

How can I unlock individual tabs?
dopus-locked Tab

It seems that I can right click the tab to change it to be unlocked.

This enables Lister to remember the last tab for this last tab to no longer aways default to the same folder name.

If a tab is locked, it's the folder it is locked to that it'll reload if saved and re-created.