How can i show the modifieddate in the statusbar?

when i select one file in Opus i want to show the modifieddate in the statusbar like windows explorer

how can i do?

The status bar in Opus only displays information about groups of files (either all files in the folder or all selected files).

Information that only makes sense for individual files, like the modified date, can only be displayed in file display columns or info-tips.

i use the list view

i can't see the modified date in panel column

Would it be possible to add the next version of the show amend the modified date functions?

Feature requests should be sent here:

Note that you can hold Ctrl to make the infotip appear. That might make things a bit easier if you want to use List mode.

Perhaps you mean you don't see the modified date column at all? Columns can be resized in the traditional manner by dragging the divider between the columns. A double-click on the divider will resize the columns automatically. You can change the order of the columns by dragging them around and right-click on the column title gives access to the various fields from a pop-up menu. When you click 'More...' from the pop-up menu you can also set the width and/or add more columns!

He doesn't have any columns - he's one of the odd folk who prefer to use List View.