How did I make one of my favorite entries expandible in the folder tree?

I have favorites set up in my folder tree for a variety of folders. Earlier today, i noticed that one of them was expandable, allowing me to see the subfolders in the tree structure. This is not normally the case, and no longer is, i somehow reverted it again.

Anyone know what controls this?

Sub-folders of favorites are expandable (e.g. folders you create in Preferences -> Favorites List, to organise your favorite folders), but the favorite folders themselves aren't.

So did i run into an unexpected bug then?

2021-03-23 13_23_46-D__Downloads_Online_Downloaders_BulkImageDownloader

the folder"gallery-dl" was the one that suddenly became expandable

That would be unexpected.

Okay, well, it would be a cool feature!

I'll try to pay attention and see what triggers it in the future. Have a good one