How Do I Add To The Menu Toolbar The Single Lister Icon?

I know I can click on Lister and at the bottom I can select the single view, but I would like to add this to the menu toolbar where the Lister View icons are shown. I have searched the Manual but cannot find how to do this (Editing the Toolbar [Directory Opus Manual])

As I am very new to Opus can someone please provide a step-by-step how to do this?

Many thanks (enjoying using Lister very much)

The options you see here

come from a dynamic button


To get the individual item for Single, you need a button with

Prefs STYLE=Single

If possible can you take me through how to do the above?

I did try, but ended but restoring from a backup - got in a right mess!

Step-by-step instructions are here:

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Thanks very much. I did try searching myself but could not find it. Will have a go tomorrow. Appreciate your help. Thanks

Welcome - I'm a newbie myself, so many preferences to choose from :wink: