How do I display Tab Toolbar in DO 10?

Hi this is my first post here. I have been trying out DO 10 for the last few days and it seems like a nice replacement for Windows Explorer. Thanks guys for all your hard work.

Still confused by a lot of things, but particularly as my version doesn't display a Tab Toolbar similar to the pic in Lister Styles in the DO 9 manual. I expected to find a toolbar with "Styles:" followed by a list of display options (Commander, Dual Horizontal, etc.), presumably so I can easily switch layouts without having to open Preferences.

But the only toolbars displayed by default are the Menu, Location and Applications toolbars.

In Lister Styles in the DO 9 manual it states [quote]Several Lister Styles are installed automatically, and can be accessed from the Tab toolbar that appears at the top of the Lister. You can edit these or add your own through the Styles section in Preferences - Listers.

So it seems all this should be on a Tab toolbar. I've read the changelog, read the DO9 manual and searched this forum without success. Can someone tell me what I need to do to enable this bar?


In the default Opus 10 toolbars, the list of styles is in the Lister Configuration menu:

If you want a row of style tabs like Opus 9 had, go to Settings -> Customize Toolbars -> Commands and drag Lister Styles - Tabs out of the View category and on to a toolbar.

While still in Customize mode, you can right-click the placeholder that appears where the tabs will be to set further options on them (e.g. how they look).

Thanks Leo, that worked.

For anyone else wishing to try this, here is a slight clarification that may help:

  1. Don't go into Settings > Preferences but into Settings > Customize Toolbars, as Leo said.
  2. Go into View and look for the icon specifically titled Lister Styles - Tabs.
  3. Drag this icon OUT OF the Customize window, select which toolbar you would like to show it, and drop it there.

Two more questions: :slight_smile:

  1. After adding the Lister Styles - Tabs command to the Location Bar, I deleted the Location field to make more room. Now I know I can revert to the default by R-clicking the Location Bar and selecting Undo all changes or Reset to Defaults, but I'd rather drag the Location field back onto the bar, if I knew where to find it. I can't find it under Commands > View, and checked the other Commands without success. Can you tell me where this field is kept so I can drag it to any toolbar if I prefer?

  2. I didn't take note of DO's default Lister layout (folder tree - folder pane - folder pane) and panicked when I couldn't find an option to revert to the Default layout, but I gradually worked out that I could achieve the default configuration by selecting Explorer view with Dual File Display button ("Display two folders simultaneously in the one Lister") depressed. Tell me, is this correct, or is there some built-in option I've overlooked to reset the layout to the default (the 3-pane layout displayed after installation)?

Thanks again

As the FAQ says.... One question per thread please

I can't answer (1). Like you, I couldn't find the Location field. However, (2) can be achieved quickly by...

[ol][li]Exit Opus completely[/li][li]Open Windows File Explorer and navigate (on Windows 7) to %appdata%\Roaming\GPSoftware[/li][li]Rename the Directory Opus folder[/li][li]Restart Opus[/li][/ol]
This will create a new configuration from scratch. It's a good idea to save a "vanilla" configuration that you can revert to for testing.

Regards, AB

The location fields are called "path fields" internally, if you use the Customize filter for "path" they'll pop up.
We probably should rename these to make them easier to find...

Thanks aussieboykie and jon.

I also came across this thread for backing up DO: