How do I edit font size in tool-tips?

Hello all.

Examples Included below.

Thanks you for any help.


Infotips for files:

  • Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts / [Fonts] Info Tip

Tooltips for toolbar buttons:

  • I think those come from the system and can't be changed currently. We'll add that to our list. We are in the process of making a lot more fonts configurable and it should be easy enough. Had not noticed it was left out until now.

Note that the thing in your first screenshot is a context menu, not a tooltip/infotip. (We're in the process of making the font for those configurable as well.)

Thanks for replying Leo.

After using Opus for 20 years i got a 4k monitor, plus my eyesight isn't what it used to be.
Scaling in Windows display settings menu doesn't work well since it breaks many other programs UI.

I've been using Windows on a 4K monitor at 200% scaling for about 10 years now. Anything that doesn't support native DPI scaling should be pixel-doubled by the OS automatically. Not everything looks perfect but most things work OK for me.

(Ironically, the things I use the most which don't scale well are parts of the OS itself which Microsoft are too lazy to update, like Task Scheduler.)