How do I preserve 8.3 (short names) during dragged copy?

I just spent 6 days determining why a certain partition
(on a multi-boot disk) was dysfunctional after restoring /
re-orging it as follows.
I booted to another partition, backed up the target (with
a different product), formatted the target, and then
restored it by dragging folders onto it from the backup.

The problem was that drag-copy didn't preserve the 8.3
names, whether using opus or win-explorer.
Is there a way to do this in dopus?

As far as I know (unless the new "NTFS Properties" option in Opus does it) there isn't a way to preserve 8.3 filenames on copy in Opus nor Explorer.

There is a Windows API for doing it (SetShortFileName), provided the destination is an NTFS drive, so if you need the feature it should be possible for GPSoft to implement it. (Send them a feature request via the link shown when you create a new post if you want it adding.)

Very few programs preserve accurate 8.3 names. I believe the old Norton Navigator could do that; I think Beyond Compare has an option to do it; I'm pretty sure XXCOPY can do it.

John Land

For more information on the 8.3 problem, see

John Land

Nice elaboration john...