How do I read the Content Group metadata?

Is there any way to read the Content Group metadata? I know that I can use something like the code below to read most metadata fields (mp3artist in the example), but I can't seem to figure out how to get it to read the contentgroup field. In particular, I'm interested in the Content Group field of MP3 files.

What am I missing here? Or was this particular field accidentally overlooked? I'm using Directory Opus version 11.3 (64-bit), by the way. And loving it! :thumbsup:

[code]@script vbscript
Option Explicit

Function OnClick(ByRef ClickData)
Dim oFiles, oFile
Set oFiles = ClickData.Func.sourcetab.selected_files
For Each oFile In oFiles
DOpus.Output "Artists: " & oFile.metadata.audio_text.mp3artist
End Function

I don't think Opus uses/shows the Content Group field at all.

What is it used for? I tried to search but mostly found people discussing problem with different metadata systems using different names for the field and nothing about what the field was actually for.

Opus shows the Content Group in the Metadata pane for MP3 files. There's a description for it in the help file, HERE (and for videos HERE). And it can be set using "SetAttr META contentgroup" (it's listed in the Music and Video Properties section HERE).

Personally, I don't use the field at all. But when I rip CDs using dBpoweramp CD Ripper, it populates that field with genre information. I've seen other MP3s also using that field for genre info as well. So, what I want to do is program a button in Opus that can read the data from the Content Group field and then save it into the Genre field.

I'm able to read other fields, but the Content Group field isn't listed as a readable field in the help (see the Music category section HERE). That's why I was wondering if it just got overlooked when the scripting feature was added in, or if the field information was just accidentally excluded from the help file. Do you know if there's a way to get Opus to read the field?

Thanks, I didn't realise that.

As far as I can tell, it's only the metadata panel and related SetAttr META commands that know about that field. There doesn't seem to be a column to show it in the file display or read it via the metadata scripting objects. Looks like it has been overlooked until now.

Well, that's too bad. :frowning:

I'd like to request the ability to read the Content Group field be added to Opus. In the meantime, I can use ExifTool to read the info (using the command "exiftool -grouping C:\path\to\file", for those curious). Thanks!