How do I save a custom interface?

beginner's question.
how do you save listers, styles, etc... or how do you save the entire interface basically, so that I don't have to rework my interface each time I load opus? for example, let's say I want to have opus showing me only 64 by 64 thumbnails each time I restart, and not get me back to the default list view.



Options->Set as Default Lister (or simmilar, I have a german version here)

Be aware: This will replace the normal lister. You cannot go back. Therefore, either save to a different name and open the custom lister via command OR make a backup first.

BTW, backup is always a good idea before customization!

Hmm.. yeah didn't think about that.

Also a good idea is to have a look at these:
[List of FAQs organised by topic)

You should probably read the Folder Formats FAQ if you want to make Opus always display in thumbnails mode by default.

(Also, to change the default thumbnail size, go to Preferences - Lister Display Modes - Thumbnails Mode.)

Ahambra, you could try Settings » Import/Export Preferences, which can save a backup of your settings and display as an .OCB file. If you have a crash, reinstall Opus, or move it to another computer, you can just go to Settings » Import/Export Preferences » Import Saved Preferencesand restore everything from the .OCB file. :slight_smile:

In Opus 9, it's Settings -> Backup & Restore ...

Hmmm — it's still Import/Export Preferences... for me, on ... . :question:

Then you haven't updated your toolbars from version 8. :slight_smile:

By golly, you're right!

Now — how do I do that without losing all my toolbar customizations? :blush:

Rename your current toolbars to something other than the default names. Then restart Opus and new toolbar will be created - then you can copy your customized buttons to the new toolbars.

thanks for the help guys, hehe, but I'm not using opus anymore, so I kind'ah forgot about this forum, silly me, sorry about that :smiley:
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