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How do I save after rotating in the image viewer?

I found the following answer
you can add a command to the viewer which rotates the file on disk, then tells the viewer to reload the file:
Show VIEWERCMD=refresh
This alone does not make sense.
Please put the picture in detail for beginners~

Which part doesn't make sense?

If you need help with editing toolbar buttons:

Hi @Gentina,

Perhaps it would help if I told you that JPG files have a feature that allows for rotating without losing quality. Normally, every time you open and save a JPG, you lose a little data (aka quality). The Image command you're using goes into the JPG file and changes one tiny piece of information that sets a rotation (0, 90, 180, or 270 degrees, basically). So, it's not a matter of loading the image, rotating, and then saving it. It's just going into the file and tweaking that one setting.

Finally, the Show command reloads the image so you can see it with the correct orientation (rotation) on your screen.

Does that help?

The guide is good to make a button
Ultimately, it is important to be saved in the image viewer window.
Thank you for your help ~

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I've been wandering around making command buttons.
Thank you for your help

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