How do I save the current lister columns to a folder format?

Hi.  I've learned a couple of ways to set up a Favorite folder format.

I know how to go into Folder Formats and [i][b]manually[/b][/i] enter the column data that defines a folder format.  But that's very tedious and time consuming and prone to error, or at least [i]trial[/i]-and-error until you get it right.

The other way I know of is to first get a lister's columns set up the way you want them: right-click in the column heading bar to add or remove headings, and then click-and-drag on them into the desired position and click-and-drag the boundary line between column headers to resize their widths.  Easy enough.  Then, to save that column setup to a Favorite format, do a

`````Tools | Folder Options | Save | For This Folder

and then go to

`````Settings | Preferences | Folder Formats | Path Formats

and right-click in the folder list on that folder I just saved the format for and do "Add to Favorites" and give the new Favorite folder format a name and then navigate to that new Favorite and put a checkmark in the Columns checkbox to make it work properly (i.e., when the format is activated, to have it [b][i]remove[/i][/b] columns from the lister that are not defined in that Favorite), and then navigate back to the "Path Formats" and delete the format I had saved for the lister's current folder since that was just a temporary means to get a Favorite Format defined.

Not bad, really.  I mean, once you do that a couple of times, it only takes a half-minute to get a Favorite defined, way less time than it took to [i]write[/i] the procedure, above, believe me!  (And the above procedure really [b][i]does[/i][/b] look daunting to read it, if you've never actually done it, but it's really not so bad once you do it.)

BUT ... here's my question:

Is there a way -- or could a way be incorporated into a later release -- to simply tell DOpus when you're in a lister, 

   `````"Hey, save my current column setup to a Favorite.  Yeah, and name it 'foobar'.  Thanks."

It would be a lot more straightforward then my current method I outlined above, that's for sure.


-- Steve

I don't think there is right now.

It might make sense, but then again how many formats do you want to create like this? It also only seems useful if you want manually-defined fixed-size columns; if you use auto-sizing then setting up the format via Preferences from scratch seems fine, IMO. Maybe I'm not using the favorite formats as much as or in the same way that you are.

I know this post is old, but I find the topic very clearly put, hence I'm replying here.

I was wondering this same thing today. I was trying to find a way to save the current view and name it something, but couldn't find a way. I do make this feature request as well. It is much more intuitive to me (and I'm assuming to users in general) about the WYSIWYG method. It is in line with the other UX research I'd mentioned. Basically Make adjustments, and preview their results then save the resulting format!!

Currently you follow this method in the rename dialog which HELPS tremendously! And I believe all UX should allow that.

Currently the interface you have for custom Formats via the dialog is opposite of that, require mental calculation burden. Tweaking things through that dialog is great! but creating from scratch difficult. Plus it is inconsistent right now, as you DO ALLOW wysiwyg method of saving, it's just that it is LIMITED to CUSTOM & THIS Folder (+various options). I believe this is due to DOPUS legacy than due to by choice, since if I'm not wrong, DOPUS didn't have such a comprehensive folder formats option earlier in it's older versions.

Like you consolidated the TAB Groups & lister layouts to depend on each other. I think a simple redesign to this would also make it a lot simpler. Though I'm not very clear on STYLES versus LAYOUT & FOLDER FORMATS yet. From what I can understand STYLES is a COMBINATION of LAYOUT and FOLDER FORMATS. Anyway dopus employs significant complex ideas, and sometimes it becomes hard to keep track of those ideas. Maybe a hierarchy of the concepts would work to explain the more complex features easily.

As i often struggle with the folder formats: +1 .. o)