How do I set display mode to Details for CDs?

When I browse the hard drive I list files in Details format. When I look at a CD, it swithes to large icons. How can I set the CD drive to list in Details mode?

(e.g. in Windows Explorer I just go to the View menu and select "Details")

Oh I found it, there is a View menu. I'm just looking all over in the wrong place, under Settings and Folder Options.

There's a Removable Drives Folder Format which can be used if you want CD drives to use a different display mode to your default. If you want to use Details mode everywhere then you shouldn't have to use the Removable Drives format, though.

See the Folder Formats FAQ, linked in my signature, if there's any confusion about why the drive was using a different mode before.

(Note that if it's a writeable CD and you have Opus set to Use system display for writeable CDs then the FAQ on saving changes to system folders applies instead.)