How do I togle/remove the bar at the top of a lister?

HI guys (and gals),

I don't even know what to call it (tried searching, status bar, etc) but can't seem to find it. So the only way to use a graphic IMHO.

What does Dopus call it and can I modify it?

My apologies for the pic, couldn't find a clear way to upload it...



You mean the menu toolbar? If so, you can right click some blank area in your lister and choose > customize > toolbars, and uncheck the toolbar in question then. To toggle it, you can use a command like

Toolbar NAME=xyz TOGGLE Line=2

I mean the bar that says "01 - Introduction". I realize I should have placed the red arrow more accurately.

Ok, i wasn't sure. You can't toggle that one, i would say. It is pretty much a Windows standard, although it is possible to make applications without a title bar, like Winamp.

There isn't an option to hide the titlebar.

You wouldn't be able to move the window if that wasn't there.


Can I at least color it via Dopus? Trying to get a more "whole" look a la Windows 11.

Hmm, I'll try it but haven't used autohotkey in years

The colors come from Windows, which draws the whole titlebar. We'll be adding an option to make it use the dark colors soon, but you can also configure the active window's border color in Windows Settings. White is just the default (as part of Microsoft's drive to make it impossible to tell which window is active or something).

Modifying the registry may require switching system settings to apply.

No need to edit the registry for the active window color, at least. It's an option in Windows Settings.

I'll test this...Thank you!

Not in my version of windows 10 so the registry will have to do. Upgrade is on the todo list...

It's here in Windows 10:

Inactive window may need to be added manually. worked. Thank you!

Yep, went with Windows 10 manager and it has the inactive title bar color.

Thank you!

For whatever it's worth, a long time ago I changed the color of the title bar of inactive windows using Winareo Tweaker.

Remember it vaguely. Features are impressive. Many of which other programs charge subscription fees for. (windows 10 manager, etc)

Thank you!

Just 2 apps that have no title bar, looks good and frees up a bit of space.