How do I "undo" F6?

Unfortunately I often hit F6 instead of F5.

This closes 1/2 of my duel lister and all the tabs that involves (i.e. moves to single lister)

Hitting F6 a 2nd time, opens a the dual lister, but not with the old tabs. Instead the new bottom of the dual lister has a copy of the active tab from the top lister.

How do I get my closed tabs back?


Edit the hotkey (Settings > Customize Toolbars > Keys) and change the command from
Set DUAL=Toggle to

Set DUAL=Toggle,Remember

You can then push it a second time to get the closed things back.

(Or disable the hotkey there entirely, if you never intentionally push it, of course.)

Thank you very much

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Well that is what smart people would do. Me, on the other hand, ....

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