How do I update a tab group with the existing tabs?

I can create a new tab group with existing open tabs, but I don't see a way to update the tab group with newly added or renamed tabs. The only option I can find is to manually add each new tab and rename any existing tabs by hand.

Is there any easier way to do this other than deleting the tab group and creating a new one from my modified tabs?

Just save over the existing tab group.

If you load a tab group, make changes, and then go to save it, the name will already be filled in and you just have to click OK or push return to save over the same group to update it with the new tabs.

I get an error that says the specified name is already in use. I can't save it.

It should give you the option of replacing it:


In case it helps, I used this menu to save the change:

You can also set up a button, menu item, or hotkey to save over the current group in one click, without any prompt. That'd only be worth setting up if it's something you do really often, but is an option if you need it.

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Thanks, I was in a completely different menu that only let me create not save.

Which one? They should all work the same, but maybe we overlooked one.

If I click on the tab group icon it brings up preferences/tab groups

If you're in Preferences then the groups there can be edited directly. (And creating a new group there creates a completely empty group, since it's not connected to any window with tabs open in it.)