How do you access TSO via FTP?

when I setup UltraEdit to access TSO via FTP, it allows me to define Transfer Type ASCII and Server Type MVS and the only other info I needed to save in the UltraEdit profile was my userid and psw (server address also)

Thus, UltraEdit logs me in to TSO and I see all my datasets on the mainframe and can select these and edit them.

In Dopus, I connect to the server but can't see any of my datasets and don't know what is missing? my password is correct so what's the secret to TSO and Dopus ?

surely there are some TSO users here?

WTF is TSO? :slight_smile:

Have you tried toggling passive mode and the other things the FAQ suggests?

large mainframe systems use TSO

toggling is no help

Ah, okay.

Is anything useful shown in the FTP log? (Tools -> Output Window)

I guess that's the reason. DO cannot parse MVS' FTP output.