How I can add/replace a custom FAYT handler?

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I really like these features and I see there are various handlers (cmd, wsl, dopus, etc.). However, I would like to write my own interpreter within the DOpus environment - kinda how the Command type is working, but with my own language. How such effect could be achieved?


You could have a script command that was, say, a single letter, then run it via the FAYT command mode.

e.g. Add a command called a and run it by typing >a plus whatever arguments you wanted to pass to it. The script could then do whatever it wanted with the arguments, including running other executables and so on.

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By using this? If so, thank you!!Documents/Scripting/Adding_a_new_Internal_Command.htm


(You can also add a non-script User Command, which might be enough if you just want to pass the arguments to another tool. Saying that, you could also have an exe in the command path with a short name for the same result without adding any commands. Which is best depends on what you need to do.)

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Not as of now. On first time I want to be able to execute commands on a toolbar. Basically, I want to add/remove apps to it and call them from the FAYT command line as well. However, I'm currently browsing the Scripting API and I don't see an way to inspect what tools are attached to that toolbar so I can call them :thinking: