How is the Combo Box value for each entry assigned?

Thank you. That works. I use this code:

lg.window = tab;
Dlg.icon = "question"; = true;
Dlg.template = "destination";
Dlg.detach = true;
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("ask"), 1);
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("skip"), 2);
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("replace"), 3);
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("rename"), 4);
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("renameold"), 5);
Dlg.Control("combo1").AddItem(DOpus.Strings.Get("keepnewer"), 6);		
Dlg.Control("combo1").SelectItem(0); // Default entry when dialog opens. Value is -1 compared to above defined data values
var retVal = Dlg.RunDlg();

In the ressources is then the definition for each language (excerpt).

	<resource type="strings">
       	<strings lang="francais">
           	<string id="ask" text="Demander quoi faire" />
			<string id="skip" text="Ignorer le fichier" />
       	<strings lang="deutsch">
           	<string id="ask" text="Nachfragen was getan werden soll" />
			<string id="skip" text="Datei ├╝berspringen" />
       	<strings lang="english">
           	<string id="ask" text="Ask what to do" />
			<string id="skip" text="Skip the file" />
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