How to add description fast and easy?

I would like to make a button that sets the description of a file. This would typically be done by opening a zip or other compressed file and then copy some kind of string to add as a file description.
What I first had in mind was a button that set the description to the contents of the clipboard.
Back in the Amiga days I had the descriptions automatically read from a file_id.diz(?). This was extremely usefull when you had doewnloaded a lot of files from Aminet.

Hope anyone have some tips or solutions :slight_smile:


I can appreciate what you are trying to do. I once had something automated like that too, and it was great.

I have now been using the {comment} tag in the tooltips, so that when I mouseover a filename it show my comment.

However, it is not automatic, but it does help me to remember what a file is and why I have it.

I'll be interested to see how your issue is resolved. I apologize for not being of much help.


Sorry, I must be missing something here.

You can use the 'Set Description' command ( in the File -> File Commands menu ) to add a description to files.

You can add the Description column to details/power mode listers to see your descriptions.

Is this what you want? If not, could you possible explain in a little more detail what you are trying to do.

I think he want something to automate the process - perhaps read a file_id.diz...

At the very least, he want a button to call the Set Description option.

Is it possible to put a button on the toolbar for Set Description, or do you have to navigate to it in the file menu each time?


Ok, I figured out how to put the Set Description icon on the toolbar...

For those of you who want to know...

On the menu, go to Setting > Customize, then select the Commands tab (should be default tabbed being viewed). Now select File Commands in the Categories pane. Now drag Set Descriptions in the Commands pane up to where you want it on the DOpus toolbar.

Glad you "figured it out" :slight_smile:

jon wrote:
Glad you "figured it out" :slight_smile:[/quote]

Actually, I knew these in the beginning. I was looking for a button that when I click on it, sets the description to the contents of the clipboard. Then I can follow this steps to a little more easy add description to files:
1.Open zipped archive
2.Locate readme.txt
3.Find a one line description of the archive
4.Select and copy it
5.Leave the archive, but keeping it selected
6.Click the "Paste Description" button.

7.File now has the description set.

This is what I'm looking for, at least for now :slight_smile:


Right now you'll need a step 6.5: Press Ctrl-V.

Jon mentioned on IRC that adding the ability to use the clipboard for input with more commands than just CreateFolder seems like a good idea, although I don't know when/if it'll happen.

But when you've already got 6 steps, an extra one where you press Ctrl-V to paste the text into the "Enter Description" dialog doesn't change much... What would really make life better for you is a fully automated system which finds the readme.txt in the zips and writes it to the description with a single button press, but Opus can't do that now, and complex, esoteric things like that really require a full scripting language.

However, since Opus now uses the semi-standard descript.ion file format, maybe there's a tool out there already which will do what you need? (But maybe not, too. Might be worth a quick Google though, just in case it exists.)

One thing I really like about the DOpus 8 method of using the descript.ion file for its folder and file descriptions, is the sheer simplicity of the method. Besides being able to set, change, and view the descriptions from within DOpus, if I want to I can open the descript.ion file with my favorite text editor to edit it as well.

The format of the descipt.ion file is very simple, it's just plain text with each file or folders description contained on one line. The first thing in each line is the name of the file or folder the description is for and the rest of the line is the description itself.

And since each descript.ion file is stored in the same folder as the files/subfolders it refers to, it's easy to find.

Note if descript.ion files have their H (hidden) attribute set DOpus hides them from view.


On a related subject (i didnt want to open a new thread for it..), i have a file located on my Desktop called "FILE_ID.DIZ" which contains some pre-written text als template. i'd like to create a button which does the following (in chronological order):

  • copy the file_id.diz from Desktop to the current lister window (source)
  • open it (in the source lister) with notepad.exe

Yeah, very primitive. My code works but feels awkward. Is there any way to write it shorter, more elegantly .. maybe all in just 2 lines?

Copy HERE "C:\Documents and Settings\plunder\Desktop\file_id.diz" Select file_id.diz "C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe" %1

Thanks for some help!

Yes, selecting a file so you can feed it to a %1 (or similar) is unnecessary when you know the file path; just feed the path to the command, like so:

Copy HERE "C:\Documents and Settings\plunder\Desktop\file_id.diz" "C:\WINDOWS\notepad.exe" {sourcepath}file_id.diz

Unless it's directly related to the existing thread, I'd rather you created a new thread than resurrected a half-decade old one. The two threads mention similar things (descriptions and file_id.diz) but the actual questions are unrelated.

Thanks leo for the help. Works great and i've learned something (again) :slight_smile:
( Being a mod myself on another forum, i thought that keeping the number of existing threads in a forum section as low as possible and gathering all "related" posts/threads in a single cumulative thread (e.g. by merging technique) isnt a bad idea in general. it'd help forum visitors to find the proper thread faster/more easily if there arent very many similar threads or related threads returned by the search function. This of course assumes that the thread isnt tooo long itself, since tooo long threads make the reading difficult. And resurrected old threads show (e.g. by way of the 'Views' number) that there had already been remarkable interest in that topic. Right, my question wasnt directly related ... so i'll try to decide better next time, thx for the advise and feedback, appreciated. )