How to add files to the export to USB?


i have watched the very interesting video about Creating Directory Structure
And i have learned that i could put Scripts in /dopusdata and that they would be sent to a USB Flash Drive Export

That made me think about putting several interesting executables like PsTools or Unix-like EXE to this folder to have them automatically copied to my USB Flash Drive

But it doesn't work : i had created a Exe folder in /dopusdata but it isn't copied to USB
Then i had put folders in the Scripts folder with EXE in them but they were not copied
Even .exe in the Scripts folder weren't copied

Is there a way to put executables used in buttons of my dopus somewhere in Dopus config to allow it to copy to USB Drive ?


Subfolders in scripts are unfortunately not supported (I have also Truecrypt and others in subs), you have to copy them manually or put them in scripts directly if they are single exe files.

Edit: All kind of files should be copied except subfolders. You can access them from buttons using build-in aliases like "/dopusdata\scripts".

I have tried again,
i have removed all subfolders in C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Scripts and i have put all the .exe in this folder

After the export to USB Flash Drive, the q:\dopus\Scripts folder on the flash drive is empty ...

Is that where you end up when you type /dopusdata ?

/dopusdata leads to C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus
in which there is Scripts full of .exe utilities

Oh, i was doing an Upgrade of Directory Opus on my flash drive, i was not doing a Replace

Doing a Replace now makes this work .. only problem is that it doesn't take the subfolders but that"s just a small thing to know

Sorry and thanks for your help