How to add full path to footer


Like the title says can you please explain how can I add the path to the footer, I recall seeing it some where but cannot find it now.

Right now I have a bar where it displays only the name of the folder or file selected

Thank you

The full path of the selected item:

[If by footer you mean status bar] Tip: if you don't need to see it very often or for many items, having it on the tooltip can work well. My status bar is already crowded, so I do that.

Thank you

I tried that it's not exactly what I pretend please see screen, I want it on the grey bar not the black one

  1. There are two grey bars in your screenshot: The filter bar, and the folder tab bar. Which do you mean?

  2. Which full path do you want to add? The path to the selected item, or the path to the current folder?

I mean the folder tab bar

I want to add the path to the current folder

If you set the tab label to %P it will show the full path (documented here).

Note that there is a limit to how wide the tabs and their labels will be, and the path will be truncated with "..." in the middle (and sometimes at the end as well, if the last component is very long), to prevent the tabs becoming ridiculously wide.

Drop this simple script add-in into Preferences / Toolbars / Scripts to make all new tabs use %P for their names by default:

Simple Tab Labels.js.txt (1.0 KB)

(The script's configuration window can be used to change the %P to something else if you want.)

For more complex tab naming, the Tab-Labelizer script may be of interest.

Thank you

Sorry to bring this up again but after a reinstall I am trying to get dopus to show full path to folder on the folder tab bar but haven't been able to get it to work it only shows the folder I am at the moment.
Tried the little script but even so it's not working can you please help ?

Thank you

Just install the script above, enable it & click Apply, and any new tabs you open after that should show full paths on the tabs themselves.

It doesn't affect tabs that are already open, which might be the cause of confusion.

Thank you, that did it.

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