How to add label with network path to the drive button for mapped drive

I am new to Directory Opus,
Does anyone know how to add more description to the drive buttons. By the more description, I mean for the mapped drive, display its IP and shared folder. If I hover the mouse over the drive button, after a second this information is displayed anyway, but I would prefer to have to next to drive letter al the time.

Try Go DRIVEBUTTONS=labels,lettersbeforelabels or similar.

Docs here:!Documents/Go1.htm

I appreciate your response. I am new to it. Should I enter the function in the Command Editor, at Function line?

Add ,labels,lettersbeforelabels to the end of the existing DRIVEBUTTONS=… parameters.

Leo, It is what I exactly wanted, works perfectly.
Thank you for your prompt response.

Just curious, Can I custom label separately each drive letter with custom label of my choice?

Yes, you could make individual buttons that go to those paths (or any paths you want) and give them any labels you want.

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