How to add multiword tags with SetAttr META tags?

How do I add tags containing multiple word using SetAttr META tags? I tried
#1 SetAttr META tags:word1 word2
#2 SetAttr META tags:word1 word2;
#3 SetAttr META tags:'word1 word2'
#4 SetAttr META tags:'word1 word2';
#5 SetAttr META tags:"word1 word2"
#6 SetAttr META tags:"word1 word2";

#1 and #2 have lost word2 somewhere in the process.
#3 and #4 did the same with setting the tag to 'word1 at the same time.
#5 set the tag to "word1 word2 (including one of the unwanted double-quotes).
and #6 set the tag to "word1 word2" (including both of the unwanted double-quotes).

It's about the only one you didn't try :slight_smile:

SetAttr META "tags:word1 word2"

Wouldn't think about that, honestly :laughing:
I noticed that there are some examples for other keyword for SetAttr META that could have lead me to this conclusion. I shouldn't have ignored them completely.

Thank you very much, jon.