How to add "Recent Folders" to DO's Favorites

i'm trying to add "recent folders" to Win 11 Favorites.because i store most of my files many subfolders deep. if i'm working in one subfolder a lot, i want to be able to get to it quickly wo adding that specific folder it to either Favorites or Quick Access (which is already maxed out).

i can reach "recent folders" via shell:::{22877a6d-37a1-461a-91b0-dbda5aaebc99}

But don't see how to add that to Favorites

This works

as well as buttons like

Go PATH="shell:::{22877a6d-37a1-461a-91b0-dbda5aaebc99}"


Go PATH="shell:::{22877a6d-37a1-461a-91b0-dbda5aaebc99}" FOLDERCONTENT
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