How to adjust the width of a vertical toolbar?

My vertical toolbar is too wide for its contents. (See left of screenshot).

I'd like it to be just wide enough to take the icons and labels but can't find a way to narrow it down apart from taking off the labels and using just icons.

Anyone know if this is possible?

Toolbars should size themselves to the minimum height/width. You probably have a Three-Button in your toolbar somewhere, where the action for the Left, Right or Middle mouse button is wider than the top-level icon + label and thus forcing the toolbar to be wider.

Thanks - that was it exactly. The second level labels are invisible on the three-button except when editing so I'd made them descriptive, not expecting that they'd affect the toolbar.

Also with three-buttons, I'd appreciate a word on what the 'Minimise Menu Width' tick-box does (see pic). Tried out a few guesses, without success and can't find it mentioned anywhere.

I don't think it does anything (useful) for three-buttons.

The option is there for pop-up menus, specifically ones without any icons on any of their items. It tells Opus not to add the extra space on the left of the item labels where the icons would be if there aren't any icons.

For three-buttons this only affects how the menu, showing the left/right/middle button actions, looks in Customize mode. Not particularly useful, so the option should probably be hidden from three-buttons to avoid confusion. I'll suggest that to GPSoftware.


When I asked the last question I was thinking that the box appeared only on three-buttons. Hadn't realised it was on Menu buttons as well.

At first I thought you meant it would remove the blue strip at the edge of a menu or cascade (see pic), as that's where the icons would go, but it doesn't do that - so still not sure which bit you're referring to. :confused:

Actually it would be nice to remove or narrow down this blue strip. Can't see the point of wasting space on it when if there are no icons in it (i.e., icons display turned off).

While messing with this I found the solution to another puzzle. I'd noticed that the Opus-supplied Favorites button on the Menu bar took 2 sec (by stopwatch) to put up the list of items. 'Turned out it was the SHOWICONS argument. Apparently it still trawls for all the icons even if they're not going to be used (ie with icon display turned off).

The blue bar disappeared when I changed from 'Office 2003' toolbar to 'Standard' in Preferences /Display /Toolbars.