How to apply a format to multiple folders

Is there a way to apply a saved format to multiple folders at once?

In Preferences / Folders / Folder Formats, you can create wildcard path formats, which allow a single format to apply to multiple folders via a wildcard (or regex, if you need something more complex).

You can also copy and paste formats over each other if you want to simply duplicate the details from one path to another.

(The various formats for different types of folders, etc. Local Drives, also let you apply the same format to more than one folder, of course, but I assume you want to do it on a path basis.)

Thanks Leo! What I was thinking was having a saved format, being able to select multiple folders in a lister, then use the Folder/Folder Formats menu to apply a form to all of the selected folders. What I take from your reply is that's not possible. If I'm understanding you when you say I can copy and paste formats over each other, I assume that's in the Folder Formats dialog, not in a lister. Am I tracking correctly?

From the lister, you can only affect the current folder (optionally including all subfolders).