How to assign a rename script to a button?

The normal rename commands are not enough for me since I usually do complicated filename cleanups. That's why I use scripts.

However, it's annoying to click on the filename, open advanced rename, click on the preset, click on OK etc.

I want to assign my rename scripts to buttons so that I click on the file, I click on the button and my script runs on the filename.

I searched the forum and the help file but I couldn't find a way.

Any help please?

The Rename command has a PRESET argument.

Rename PRESET="Title Case"

Also, if you use the button editor's Arguments drop-down menu then you can pick from the list of your presets to avoid having to remember/type the names.

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Very nice!!! Thanx nudel. I don't know how I missed that in the help file.

Awesome! Everytime I search for a feature in Dopus - it exist! Thank you so much. I cannot imagine a life (on my computer) without Dopus. It´s simply the best!

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