How to best migrate Opus9 settings to all my computers?

I have a home network of 6 computers. Thought it would be nice to have Opus9 settings all the same on all the computers. Tried "BAckup & Restore", copied the resulting Opus Config.ocb file to another computer and did a restore there.

One problem is 3 computers are Vista and 3 are Windows XP. The path for the default lister needs to be different.

Other problem is I have some customized buttons with customized icons. I can copy those icon files over, but need to set the path to the icons for each button.

Is there a quick way to do this so I don't have to do all the setup manually by hand for each of the 6 computers?

Since I'm still playing with Opus9, continuing to customize it, it needs to be quick and easy for me to export new changes to the other computers; otherwise I'm less likely to do it. (Maybe I could get AutoHotKey to do it?)

Use aliases for the path differences. (There are probably already built-in aliases which you can use.)

You could turn the icons into an Icon Set, or just store them in one of the Opus settings areas or a fixed path.

As for the icons, you could also create a .icl file (icon library): An icon library is file containing one of more icons and their names. Because the file format of an icon library is the same a file format of an ordinary .dll file, Windows is able to use icons directly from the icon library (You can say that an .icl file is just a renamed .dll file with some restrictions).