How to cease persistence

Sometimes, it seems random, but it isn't!, DO will copy a previously selected item after a mouse focus; even though that wasn't the intention. Is there a setting that disables this function? Or, have I missed the benefit of using this function and need to control how it is used?

Copy to where?

A mouse focus on what?

Copies shouldn’t be triggered just by activating the window (unless you’re activating the window by clicking on the Copy Files button or similar). The only thing I can think of which could cause that is a script doing something unusual with the events that fire when focus changes.

Thanks Leo, unfortunately I do not have any script active when this occurs. Makes me wonder if somehow Windows has something causing this. But that may be a stretch.

I still don't know what's being copied to where, or what you're clicking on. It's hard to guess about causes without more detail.

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