How to change filedisplay border color?


When "file display border in single display mode" is enabled, if the lister is the source/dest, it will use the gradient set in options -> colors -> source/dest.

However, if the lister is in off mode (not source nor dest), it will use a single color (grey if win is enabled, white if not in my case) for the border: is there a way to define a color/gradient for that as well ? If so, where ?

There was a way to define that in DOpus 6.x iirc...

=> This should be more clear with a screengrab: :slight_smile:


I'm not sure I'm following this but I think you are talking about the file border for "inactive" source and destination listers

If so, go to:


Then for the following "items" you can set the file display border background color gradient:

Source (active) (Your current purple)
Source (inactive) (You have not set this yet)
Destination (active) (Your current Blue)
Destination (inactive) (You have not set this yet either)


No, no...

I thought the grab would help but maybe I was wrong :frowning:

I have set all these colors.

What I'm talking about is the color of OFF listers (ie: listers that are no source nor destination).

=> You can change the color of the window icon for 'off' listers (see prefs -> display -> color&fonts -> lister window icon (=> the 'OFF' one)) but it seems you cannot change the color of filedisplay border for this type of listers...


Well the only other place I know of that has an effect on DOpus file border colors are the settings for the Windows active and inactive title bars. Which is a Windows Appearance setting and external to DOpus. And those colors only seem to come into play when a number of listers are open.

Perhaps someone else can fill in what I'm missing.


As John suggests, the Windows active and inactive titlebar gradients are used for the file display border when listers are in Off mode.

If you're using Windows XP with visual styles enabled you won't see these colours often, unless you open a DOS window. (MS seem loathe to make the Command Prompt use the new titlebars, let alone update it in any other way or fix the problems it has with Remote Desktop. Shame.)

Ok, thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

This one will make it in my (growing) FAQ...