How to change font size of file display toolbar?

I cycled through all the font settings and I can't seem to find which one controls the font size of the part highlighted in red below:::

Settings - Customize Toolbars, Toolbars tab, then select the File Display toolbar on the left and use the Font setting on the right.

I did this and after that I could not get back into customize toolbars. I would click on it and nothing happened. I had to exit Dopus and manually kill two Dopus processes. Then I restarted Dopus and all was fine. This is just and FYI in case others experience it.

After making the change how do I make sure it is saved? Will doing the Settings/Backup save that setting? Maybe a more general question is: what settings are saved (or not saved - whichever is easier) when using the Settings/backup? If I want to be sure that every possible customization and setting is saved (listers/preferences/toolbars/buttons/etc.) what do I need to do OTHER than using the Settings/Backup.

I am not sure what happened there, and there's never been a similar report.

Toolbar changes are saved when you click OK in the Customize dialog. If you need to know more, please start a separate thread so we can keep this one on the file display toolbar font size.

Are you sure you weren't still in Customize mode? This is the only reason I can think of for the menu item to seemingly do "nothing".

Pretty sure I was not in customize mode. I exited Dopus (click close button on upper right corner of window). Restarted and same thing - clicked and nothing happened. Then closed again. Used task manager and found 2 Dopus processes running (dopus and dopusrt). Ended both and started Dopus again. Everything worked correctly. Also I should say that something "weird" happened when making the change that caused the problem. My computer slowed noticeably for 10 seconds or so. I do not know if the save caused that or that caused the save issue. I should note also that I changed the font and saved it (exited customize). Decided the font was now too big, went back to customize mode and reduced it. Saved it - this is when problem happened. After Dopus was working again, found that the 2nd change did NOT happened. I reduced the font size and saved it. All was still working fine.

Again, this was an easily correctable situation and I did not want to make waves. I just wanted to note it, in case someone else did experience it, you would not have to tell them that there has never been a similar report. There is too little info to act on. If I am able to repeat it or if someone else should report this, then you may have something to work with.

That sounds like something else happened by coincidence, to be honest.

dopus.exe and dopusrt.exe are normal. Don't kill them unless you really need to as doing so can corrupt your config files. Use File - Exit Directory Opus to close dopus.exe, if possible. Killing dopusrt.exe usually won't cause any harm but there's also almost never any need to do so. dopusrt.exe will exit by itself if you turn off the Desktop Double-Click option, which is usually the only reason you'd see it running for more than a brief moment at a time.

Thanks, Leo. I will note that. I didn't even realize I had the desktop double click option set (I do, because if I double click, a new instance of Dopus appears).

Whilst not exactly the same as Drac144's experience, I also experienced a problem recently that could only be resolved by killing dopus.exe with task manager. Dopus would start normally and be OK for a while but at some point after making button changes via customize, the "instant command" capability of typing ">" would stop working. Attempting to shut down with File --> Exit Directory Opus did not trigger an error but did not shut Dopus down. After this happened several times over a few days I backed up my configuration and did a full uninstall and reinstall. All has been well since.

Regards, AB

You were probably in a virtual folder that is handled by Explorer, where > and other find-as-you-type functionality isn't available work.

Please stay on topic. This thread is about changing the font size of the file display toolbar.

Ok Thanks Leo that did work and change the font size. What's strange is that it seems to indicate the toolbar isn't turned on. But whatever, it must be since I see it and the settings control it.

The file display toolbar is special. It's configured under Preferences / File Displays / Border