How to change fonts for particular file type

I want to change a particular font for a particular file tpye (like .jpeg or .pdf or .mp3)
i don't found any way in preferences>display>colors and fonts for that. is there any way.

I don't think you can change the font type, but you can change the font style and colour.
First create a File and Folder Label then create a Label Assignment

dear woowbagger. I know i can change the text color & style. I found some customize config file from this forum. The file paste in %AppData%\Roaming\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\ConfigFiles folder. there is a file named colorgroups.oxc. in this files some code create some custom colors ID like:

<group bg="none" fg="#ffad1b" flags="1" icon="none" id="{712F7A1D-E088-4A6A-973B-EB69F9D6A33B}" name="Application-Ai" sel_bg="none" sel_fg="none" />

there is aother file in the config folder name foldercolors.oxc. in this files some code assign a color ID (which ID is created in colorgroups.oxc) for a particular file type Like:

<path color="{712F7A1D-E088-4A6A-973B-EB69F9D6A33B}" type="6">

the result is all of .ai .mp3 .png file show this particular color


. My point is if a color can be assign for that particular file type *.(ai|mp3|png) then maybe a way to assign the font also in that way!!!!


There is no reason to edit those config files by hand. You can use the Preferences pages which wowbagger linked to above.

The config files can't do anything that Preferences can't also do.