How to change the filter bar mode?

It happens too often, that i hit the wrong key, so that the filter bar starts to hide items. But how can i reactivate the mode, where i have to type some activation key? I had a look in the online manual, but there is way too much stuff to read. My preferences say "standard mode, no activation key required", but i can't find any hint, how to turn it off.

Set the drop-down back to the default, Find mode. Or set it to None if you don't want anything at all to happen when you start typing.

The manual page about that Preferences section (which you are taken to instantly if you push F1 while on the section) is not long, and the part explaining that drop-down is only one paragraph:

Find mode is not the best option for me, because it even brings me into some search results field, when i accidently hit the wrong key, making the way longer to go back to normal.

"None" is also not a good option, because i don't want to lose the ability to filter stuff. Wasn't there a way to use some activation key, like "-", before the filtering starts? Maybe it was removed in version 12? I remember, in older versions we could define some kind of actication key. Mistyping mostly happens, when i use the space bar to change the file display sides. I had that changed once, because it's easier to use than "tab", without looking at the keyboard.

The drop-down is for choosing which mode does not require any activation key.

Set it to None, if you always want to use an activation key for every mode.

You can set the activation key for each mode in the top part of the dialog.

Ok, got it. Thanks. I wasn't using this whole section for years, so i didn't remember, but now it's much better.