How to check if toolbar is open or closed

How do I check if a toolbar is open/closed (on/off) using @if,
tried @if:Toolbar "Main"=on and @if:Toolbar "Main"=open

You're inventing your own syntax again. :slight_smile:

The command after @if: should be the same as the command you would actually run to toggle or turn on the toolbar.

thanks, trying to learn some scripting, more difficult than I thought it would be.

FWIW "scripting" in Opus usually means JScript or VBScript.

Simple commands can include some very limited conditional logic via @if and similar but we don't call it scripting (although it wouldn't be wrong to say it is a type of scripting, in the more general sense).

You already had the right syntax for @if:Toolbar NAME="xyz" back in July: