How to clean up duplicate hotkeys

I have multiple entries for the same task in the list of keys (Settings->Customize Toolbar->tab Keys)
2x, 3x or in one case even 4 times.

Reset to defaults isn't really a solution I suppose, because then I am losing 'my userdefined' keys.

Also restoring a backup will restore all those duplicates again, i.e. it will not just restore 'my' keys into/over the defaults.
(I know, the keys are active only once they are tagged, but just from an overview point of view it would be nice to clear all those untagged duplicates).




Looks like they come from toolbars, so probably the toolbars just have the Always enable hotkeys option turned on. If you turn it off for each toolbar (from the Toolbars tab) they keys should go away.

Sorry, where am I supposed to find this?
Assume it is not the same as 'Always enable this toolbar's key in Listers' (Toolbars tab)
btw I have there menu, menu(1), menu (2), menu(3)
Same goes for images and operations.

It is that.

If it is on, that toolbars hotkeys are always enabled in listers, even if the toolbar itself is not visible.

Turn it off for any toolbars where you don't want to always enable their keys in listers.

When you go from Opus 9, to 10, to 11, to 12, you get new versions of the default toolbars. Your old versions (if any) are renamed with a number, so they are not lost if you had changes you want to save, or if you want to go back to a completely custom toolbar and ignore the new defaults.

See Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade in the FAQs.

If you aren't using and don't want those copies of the toolbars, you can delete them.

Exact description of my push to start over with brand new Opus 12 configuration. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the delay.
Thanks Leo. Removed quite a number of (1) (2) (3) items under 'Toolbars' and it cleared a lot of duplicate entries.

Yes, that makes sense alright.
Possibly there is a drawback though: AFAIK, once you have added buttons and scripts to your toolbars, after a clean install of Opus, you'll have to spend time on 'recreating' them.

For example: under Toolbars I have MyMenu, MyPathbar, MyTabbar, MyToolbar. Those are the only items tagged.
I think it is impossible to selectively backup those items only, then do a clean install and restore just 'your toolbars'.

So either you do a clean install and recreate the 'your' toolbars from scratch, or restore the entire old situation, in which case a clean install doesn't make much sense.

Again, this is how I think it goes.

It undoubtfully requires some time to recreate all you need. It could be considered a waste of time, although it could be also considered as an opportunity to review and to (finally) sort out the things you really want.

You know how it goes - you keep using some stuff just because they're there and not because you are super satisfied with it. So - there is a chance to do it at least once in two years or so. And now that you have upgraded your skills and amount of knowledge, you can do it a whole lot better. :slight_smile: