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How to collapse folder tree with keyboard

Hi. I'm absurdly new to Directory Opus (< two weeks). I'm wondering if there's a keyboard shortcut or a button or anything that will automagically collapse the folder tree.

For example, I want to go from this:

To this:

As fast as possible, without having to close each subtree.

I don't think there's a way to completely do it, at least without closing and re-opening the window.

But these commands may help:

  • Go REBUILDTREE will close all branches except the top-level ones (they remain the same as they currently are), and potentially the ones which are currently open (depending on Preferences).

  • Go ROOT=collapse can be used to jump to the drive root of the current path and collapse everything on the way up to it to tidy up a particular branch.

  • The - key on the numeric keypad can do something similar, if you tap it a few times (click on the tree first).

I'm interested in this also, but cannot script it. If anyone wants to try, you will have at least 2 appreciative newbie users.

I will give it a shot when I get a chance -- however, I'll have to figure out how to script, period. I don't know what language, where to put the scripts, how to run them, etc. I'm sure there's lots of tutorials hanging around here, so... if I'm successful in creating a keyboard shortcut or something, I will share here.

Hey, it's actually not that bad using the plus/minus. You can use the arrow keys to jump from root folder to root folder, then use the + and - sign to open and close the tree.

It's better than nothing! At least you don't have to use the mouse!

Arrow keys only jump from root to root when the root is fully collapsed, correct? Or do you have it set up to do that even if the folder tree is open?