How to colour the focused & mouse hovered items?

I just scrapped the forum and the documentation, but I was unable to find an way to colour the mouse hover and keyboard focused items. How this can be achieved? Am I missing something obvious?

Apparently, the "Files and Folders" background colours control the mouse hovering, but the alpha is too strong and frequently confuses me with what is selected and what is not.

Then, the focused item is like 1 px rectangle which is almost invisible, lol.

Most important is the focused item (full row in my case) as the hover I can somehow fix by choosing custom colours which blend with the solid background. However, they also change and the focused item colour too.

Thank you in advance.

Try turning off Preferences / Display / Options / Visual styles override file selection colors.

That's what I already turned off, and can't fall lower than this. I played with these Visual styles and the colours already... :pensive:

Alpha blending of the selection colors (in certain states) is controlled by the other options on the same Preferences page.

I'm sorry, but probably I don't understand... I don't have problems with the selection colours, but with the inability to choose focus & mouse hover colours.

Those use the selection colors, if visual styles aren't overriding things.

(You can also turn off visual styles completely on the same page, which will give slightly different results, e.g. a dotted line for the focus rectangle. Although I don't really recommend it as you lose the hover/hot functionality entirely if you do that.)

So... there is no way currently to customise these.
Thank you for the attention :+1: