How to configure metadata panel?

Giving DOpus 10 a test spin... I noticed that the metadata panel displays a bunch of arbitrary fields and blank fields, and doesn't display a lot of fields I've added (e.g. id3v2.4 mp3 tags) to my files. How can I control which info is shown? Is there a way to have the panel only show fields that have values so I can glance at it to see what's there instead of scrolling down through lots of blank fields?

You can't currently configure that. (If you want to, send GPSoftware Support a request. Link is in my signature.)

If you have id3v2.4 tags that aren't displaying, please provide a test file so they can be looked at. (Feel free to send me an example file via private message and I'll look at it myself and/or pass it on to Jon.)

Hi Leo,
Thanks for your interest. I have read and learned from many of your helpful posts while searching the forum archive. I was going to send you a private message with an mp3 attached, but the attachment wasn't allowed, so I'm just making a public reply here with a link to a short (small) mp3 with a little bit of non-standard metadata as a test file.
For convenient reference, the next two links are screenshots of the metadata pane in my foobar2000 and my DOpus for the same file. ... apanef.jpg ... fortyp.jpg
I do realize that DOpus isn't going to be a realistic tool for metadata management anytime soon, so it's more of an academic exercise to see how it works for this stuff.

Looking at that, I don't think anything is going wrong.

I thought you meant that some of the fields Opus displays were showing blank for that file (which can happen sometimes if a file is tagged in an unusual way), but it looks like Opus is showing the contents of all the tags that it looks for and that also have data.

There are lots of tags in the file that Opus isn't showing, but that's because Opus doesn't look for them at all. e.g. Meta-Timbre.

Having just some small arbitrary set of pre-determined fields is like being in the 90s again... or I might as well be using iTunes! :slight_smile:

Ideally, all supported tag fields could be configured to be displayed or not in the metapane, and for some users... the ability to display user-defined fields (ID3 v2.4 fields) would probably be helpful as well.

Be sure to submit a feature request / program suggestion to GPSoft via the official webpage.

Thanks Leo and Steje, I submitted a feature suggestion for this and for independent vertical docking of the metadata pane.

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