How to copy empty sub folders to another folder, no folder structure

I'd like to copy just empty sub folders (and possible sub sub folders) but not the entire folder structure.

Like the below:

SnagIt-14012023 143335

I searched and I know, there are many threads on the subject of copying entire folder structure.
In my case I prefer not to include all the parent folders though. If possible that is.
No doubt there is a solution, vainly searched for it.


You could make a copy filter, Type = Folders. It also copies subfolders over.


Just found it...
It was in the context menu all the time, but wrongly named and I assumed it would copy the folder structure.

I can use Copy FILTER="Folders Only"
Got it thanks to the contribution of [JohnZeman] from Help using sync - #5 by anon94230625
Matter solved.
Thanks again.