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How to copy file contents from the context menu


From Directory Opus I'd like to be able to right click on a file(s) and copy the contents of the file (typically just regular text) to the clipboard.

I've being experimenting with the context menus under the FileTypes using the 'Clipboard SET ' command but I can't find the option to copy the contents.

Thanks for your help.


You can follow Leo´s instructions in

only that you don´t use the "create folder" command, but


I don't think Abr's suggestion will work. :slight_smile: (The AS argument is used when pasting, not when copying, and it specifies the filename not the format. That command will probably just do the same as Ctrl-C would normally, which isn't what you want.)

While Opus has the built-in ability to paste text (and images) from the clipboard into new files, I don't think it has the ability to do the reverse (read a file's contents into the clipboard). However, you can easily do this using the little SetClip.exe tool that I wrote: ... ml#SetClip

That page on SetClip.exe includes an example Opus button (see here for instructions on pasting the code on to your toolbar) which should do exactly what you want, provided you have copied SetClip.exe to the recommended location.

Ooops, sorry! I misinterpreted that command somehow from the manual. :blush:

I got it to work using Leo's nifty 'SetClip' utility. Thanks to you both for your suggestions.

I have being the out of the box functionality of DOPUS for years and it's only now I am beginning to realise the potential DOPUS has! I have just replaced two utilities I had installed with functionality within DOPUS - one to copy the file path/names of selected files and the other to copy the contents of a selected file.

Is there any particular forum in particular I can look to see what other things people have done with DOPUS?

Thanks again.

The Buttons, Tutorials and Rename Scripting areas here are the best places to look for what other people have done.