How to copy files recreating folder structure?

I have several files of the same type (xlsx) located on several folders.
They are on the right panel as the result of a wildcard search (*.xlsx)

How can I copy all those found files on the left panel recreating the whole file structure including the files?

I saw a few post about copy folder structure without files but I need to include those found files.

Example, on the right panel I put "*.xlsx" as the search pattern resulting in:


Then if I have D:\ selected on the left panel I need to get this:

This is just a simplified example, folders 1 and 2 have hundreds of files of several extensions. I have to deal with 300+ folders and about 1500 xlsx files inside subfolders.

Thanks in advance!

Use Copy with a filter.

Thats what I've tried to do before posting and still trying with no success :grinning:

Can you tell me how can I make that filter?

I see several ways to select the files but I dont know how to tell the filter that it must create every folder of every selected file.

I know good old Opus can do that and it will save me a lot of time because doing this task manually will take hours and it will be a regular task to do.

I'll keep trying!

Don't copy the files, copy the folders on which you have performed the search:

Copy FILTER *.xlsx

Thanks! That makes sense, I've created a filter "JustExcel" with a criteria that meet the needed files, then selected the root folder on which all those files are and then used Copy Files with that filter activated and voila! :smiley:

For a simple wildcard, you can avoid having to make a filter and instead put the wildcard directly in the button, as in lxp's example above.

The FILTER argument can be given the name of a filter, or given a wildcard directly.

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